Fitness Tips to Get Spring Break Ready

Frigid winter temperatures can make even the most athletic people shirk their exercise routines and neglect their goals of achieving a healthier lifestyle. If you are planning on getting out of town for a warm weather vacation this spring, you may be interested in losing some of that winter weight.

How can you stay motivated to get in shape for spring break? Make your fitness goals fun and add in some high-tech gadgets.

To track your weight loss progress, the FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale records body weight, body fat percentage and BMI for up to eight users. Your weigh-in information is wirelessly recorded and synced to the Fitbit app, which displays your data in graphs and statistics.

Time is one of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a fitness routine, but the Scientific 7 Minute Workout app helps eliminate that obstacle. This app provides a quick and effective workout that can be done anywhere without any special equipment − just your own body weight and a chair. The scientific workout is a High-Intensity Circuit Training (HICT) exercise routine designed to help you burn the most fat possible in the shortest amount of time.

Just as important as having the right workout is having the ability to blast tunes. Listening to music can have a huge impact on your workout and the Jabra Sport Plus Bluetooth Headset can help you get your groove on. It is designed to withstand even the most intense workouts, with military-grade protection against water, sweat and dust. You can wirelessly play music and take calls from your smartphone and the behind-the-ear design ensures the earphones won’t fall out as you move.

So grab your device and the right accessories and start sweating – the beach is waiting.