How to Set a Passcode Lock on your Smartphone

Poet Robert Frost said, “Good fences make good neighbors,” and while he was probably talking about fences in the literal sense, we like to think that he would have been a fan of passcode locks on smartphones as well.

While passcode locks won’t prevent your phone from being stolen, they are your first line of defense for keeping your personal information safe from prying eyes if you happen to leave your phone unattended at work, the gym or elsewhere.

Setting a passcode lock is easy, and the steps are similar on many devices. If you’ve got a Motorola DROID, Samsung Galaxy or iPhone device, here’s how to do it.

Motorola DROID Trio (Maxx, Mini, Ultra)

To set a passcode lock:

1. Press the Menu key from the Home Screen
2. Touch Settings
3. Touch  Security & Screen Lock
4. Touch Set screen lock 
5. Select PIN
6. Enter a passcode lock, then tap on the checkmark
7. Enter the passcode lock again to confirm it
8. Done

Samsung Galaxy S4

To set a passcode lock:

1. From the Home Screen go to Settings
2. Touch the My Device page
3. Touch Lock Screen
4. Touch Screen Lock
5. Select Password - High Security
6. Enter a password of your choosing and confirm
7. Done

iPhone/iPad/IPod Touch

To set a passcode lock:

1. Go to Settings
2. Scroll down and touch General
3. Scroll down and touch Passcode Lock
4. Enter a 4-digit code that will serve as your passcode
5. Enter your passcode again
6. Decide when you want the passcode to activate (immediately, after one minute, after two minutes, etc.)
7. Done

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