How to Use QR Codes on Your Smartphone

Have you ever wondered about the square black bar codes that show up on magazine ads, movie posters and coupons? They’re called QR Codes, short for Quick Response Codes, and are actually shortcuts that direct users to websites.

In order to take advantage of QR codes, you’ll need two things — a smartphone with a camera and a barcode scanner app. When you aim your smartphone’s camera lens at a QR code, your Internet browser will automatically open to the associated website. With the power and speed of 4G LTE, the whole process should take only a few seconds. Just follow these easy steps to get the proper app and scan:

  • Click your smartphone’s app store icon to open the store.
  • Use the search tool to look for a “bar code scanner” or “QR Code reader” app. 
  • Select and download one of the apps and click on the app button to open it.
  • Similar to positioning your smartphone to take a picture, aim the camera at the desired QR Code. Make sure to position your smartphone within two inches of the QR Code. Keep it steady and your phone will automatically scan the code.
  • Your smartphone’s Internet browser will automatically open the website associated with the Code.

Now go out and enjoy exploring QRs!