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Latinos Stay Connected in More Ways Than One

According to a recent Nielsen report, Latinos are embracing smartphones faster than any other ethnic group in the United States. As the country’s largest ethnic group with 53 million people, Latinos use mobile technology to stay connected with friends and family here and abroad. Three Latino technology bloggers share how they use their smartphones to stay in touch.

“When I have a demanding work week, I usually text,” said Rachel Negron, blogger behind The Digital Latina, who keeps up with her tias and primas in Puerto Rico and friends in New York. “I use the talk to text feature. It saves time, and it's accurate. Whether it's connecting while in the office or during a movie, sometimes a text is all we need.”

Ruben Orozco from HoyEnTech uses video chat with family in Mexico, “I use my tablet and Windows smartphone to connect with the Skype app. I’ve even taught my toddler how to use it. We Skype every day!” 

Alternatively, Rosa Alonso from Mi Vida Tec uses Viber video chat for work: “Face to face is key during business meetings that require longer conversations.”

All three bloggers agree a phone call is still the preferred form of communication among Latinos. Negron added that for more clear and immediate communication she loves to make a phone call, and Orozco finds it easier when calling out of the country.

Another option to stay close to friends, family and business associates is with the MORE Everything plan, which offers unlimited international texting, more data on select plans and, for an additional $5 per month, the International Long Distance plan. 

How do you stay in touch with your network at home and abroad? Tell us on Twitter at @VZWcameka or @VZWnews.