Andrea Meyer’s Must-have Apps

As the Verizon Wireless PR Manager for the Illinois/Wisconsin region, I travel for work and for pleasure. Over the miles, I have found several useful apps that save time or otherwise entertain me while on the road – or just running around the Chicagoland area.

1. Spotify – I need music during my travels for personal and business trips and I especially like the ability to play my music offline. If my family is with me, I go for my “Fun List,” which mixes things up, and I can run it off my smartphone through the speakers in the car. But if I am by myself, I opt for my “Country List” or “Mellow List.”

2. Angry Birds – This one is for my children (mostly). If I am waiting with my family for a table in a restaurant, or otherwise killing time, Angry Birds will keep my kids occupied. And if I want a game that is also educational, Angry Birds Space can manage that. Game developers have incorporated concepts of human space exploration into the game. From the weightlessness of space to the gravity wells of nearby planets, players use physics as they explore the various levels of the game set both on planets and in microgravity. Another version, Angry Birds Star Wars, brings my favorite Star Wars characters into the action.

3. Foursquare – If I am visiting a town and not sure where to eat, I can pull up my location and look for nearby options. During a recent visit to Santa Monica, Calif., I found a really good breakfast spot that was not within walking distance but worth the extra five-minute drive. Since it is independently owned, I would not have known to look for it otherwise.

4. Instagram – Now that my friends who have Android and iOS devices can post to Instagram, I can quickly catch pictures that I might have missed on other social networks. I use the app’s filters on special photos I’vetaken that I want to save. My son’s first walk on the beach in California is a favorite.

What are your must-have apps? Tell us on Twitter at @VZWnews or @VZWandrea.

This is part of the Verizon Wireless “Must-have Apps” series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.