Industry Analyst, Business Traveler Kitty Weldon’s Must-have Apps

Kathryn “Kitty” Weldon, research director of Business Network Services in the Americas forCurrent Analysis, is an industry expert who finds herself turning to her must-have apps while she is traveling for business. Here are her top five:

  • Genius Scan –The app turns receipts into immediate PDFs by scanning them with my smartphone’s camera, which makes it easy for me to send documents to my company’s human resources department for trip expense accounting. This app is great because I usually end up stuffing taxi receipts, baggage claim receipts, and restaurant and hotel receipts into my purse and often lose at least one of them. Now, by the time I am ready to send my expense form for my trip, all of my reimbursable expenses are already accounted for, viewable, printable and ready to send via email as documentation accompanying the expense form I submit. The premium version also works with Dropbox and other cloud services.
  • S Translator I can’t wait to use this app during my next foreign business trip because it allows instant language translation. I can say or text a phrase, and it can instantly translates it into almost any major language. Plus, the app “says” the translation out loud so I don’t even have to try and figure out the correct pronunciation.
  • Banking app – Remote banking on my mobile device is great when I travel because I can transfer funds into accounts that I can then access and see how much is in them before logging into an ATM in a different city or country. I can even deposit checks remotely if necessary. My bank has its own app; check yours as it likely does as well.
  • WeatherBug and The Weather Channel – I am obsessed with weather apps when on the road. I use them before and during my trips to see what items to pack, wear and carry along each day like raincoats, umbrellas or a heavier coat.
  • Google Maps for Android – I use navigation apps constantly to find a place where I need to meet someone for a business meeting, find my hotel, find a restaurant, even lead my cab driver to and from the hotel. If I rent a car I am just as likely to use my phone navigation as any built-in system. I can’t live without the audio turn-by-turn instructions.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless Must-Have Apps series, which provides insight into the apps that people use everyday to embrace the mobile lifestyle.