Author Sue Scheff’s Must-have Apps

Sue Scheff is a nationally recognized author and parent, as well as a child and family Internet safety advocate. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys downtime on the coast of Florida. Here are her must-have apps:

  • FlixsterWe go to the movies a lot, and I rely on movie reviews and theater times to help make decisions on what to see. I found that Flixster critics (Rotten Tomatoes) have the reviews closest to how I would rate the films.
  • Goodreads and AmazonAs an avid reader, I am always checking out book reviews. Goodreads offers many of my colleague’s reviews, while Amazon has many reviews I appreciate. Goodreads also gives me suggestions from my friends for new books I might enjoy. 
  • Florida Tide TimesFor anyone who lives on the beach, this is a must have. I walk the beach frequently, collecting shells and walking my dog who loves swimming in the ocean. The app lets me know when the tides are going in and out so I’ll know when it is easy walking or not. 
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus – As an active writer and reader, I am always looking up words on the dictionary app and using the thesaurus for creativity.
  • Spotify -- My favorite app for music. I have different playlists created for my moods and find it very user friendly. That is what I look for.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless Must-have Apps series, which provides insight into the apps that people use everyday to embrace the mobile lifestyle.