Get Ready for Powerful Answers Award 2014

The Verizon Powerful Answers Award debuted in 2013, garnering more than 1,400 entries and awarding millions of dollars to fund innovative solutions that help tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.

In just the few short months since the winners were announced, those organizations have made significant progress in their respective fields:

  • “The prize from Verizon has given us more legitimacy and credibility. Getting meetings with other supporters – individuals or companies – has been easier when we mention the award. I believe that the Verizon award is the beginning of a major brand lift for Good360 as we move forward with this innovation and others,” said Cindy Hallberlin, president and CEO of Good360.
  • “The Verizon Powerful Answers Award has greatly impacted BridgingApps by providing us with the opportunity to expand our program and develop a more robust app search tool. Since winning the award, we have partnered with two school districts in the Houston area and opened a new Assistive Technology Lab,” said Elise Hough, CEO, Easter Seals Houston.
  •  “The award has made a big impact for WomenLEAD. It has provided us with credibility; investors are interested in talking with and companies in working with us because we have been recognized by Verizon as a Powerful Answers Winner,” said Ilene Fischer, CEO and founder of WomenLEAD, Inc.

“The winners of the Powerful Answers Award show what happens when the passion of technology entrepreneurs meets the power of our mobile and broadband networks,” said Lowell McAdam, chairman and CEO, Verizon. “We are so inspired by these visionary people and their life-changing innovations.”

Verizon is bringing the Powerful Answers Award back again in 2014, and the challenge will officially open for entries next week.

Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award challenges innovators, developers and entrepreneurs to create powerful ideas that leverage Verizon's cutting-edge technology to deliver groundbreaking solutions and social good. In addition to cash awards, the winners can be connected to a wide variety of network, business development and marketing experts across Verizon to explore ongoing collaborations. See some of their stories, and follow the journey on Twitter using the hashtag #VZPAA.

Visit to learn more and to submit idea entries beginning in April.