A Tech Survival Kit for Austin Conference-goers

Texas is home to some of the nation’s largest cities. With a vibrant economy and great infrastructure, the region is also home to several national events. This month, thousands of fans will head to Austin to enjoy the city’s annual music, film and interactive media conference. 

Visitors heading to Austin for the event can manage their time and stay connected at the conference and festival with the help of a tech survival kit. 

Those who have a full event pass, but are not sure which concerts to see next or whose are worth catching, can try Timbre to play music from upcoming shows to help them decide. Attendees interested in keeping their friends posted on their whereabouts can try Fuse to quickly send updates and post photos to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Other apps for conference-goers to consider include AustinFoodCarts, which points out where to find the nearest food truck to satisfy hunger between panels. Out-of-towners can use Hail A Cab to get around the city. Those heading to outdoor shows can use Swackett, the what-to-wear weather app that recommends clothing choices to help keep attendees comfortable while rocking out in the great outdoors. The 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Camera enables attendees to capture and easily upload festival photos.

At any conference, batteries should be fully charged to enable device users to enjoy every second of the experience. The Juicepack cases for iPhone and Android devices can double a smartphone’s battery life. Those traveling with a group can try the Samsung Galaxy Portable Battery Pack, 9000 mAh to boost battery power for multiple devices. It has a USB connection that works with phones and tablets. 

Those heading to Austin this month should take note of these apps and accessories to help make their experience even easier and more memorable.