A Parent’s Survival Guide to Spring Break

The phrase “spring break” evokes a range of emotions, depending on your phase of life: road trips, a sparkling coast, college, the first glimpse of summer freedom to come … or hours in a car with cartoons and a repeating chorus of “Are we there yet?”

If you’re about to embark on a spring break adventure with the kids, here’s how your mobile devices can help you and your family make the most of the trip:

  • Keep your kids busy while on the road with the Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Pack. This high-tech coloring book lets your children create ink-free works of art on a tablet without the mess of marker stains or melted crayons. The DigiTool Deluxe Pack even comes with a 3D tool and glasses for eye-popping artwork.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, the Field Trip app can help you find unique things to do in the city you visit. It stays running in the background on your phone and alerts you to historical points of interest, the best places to shop, highly recommended restaurants and more.
  • When capturing those special memories of your child’s new experiences or time with extended family, get the best possible quality of pictures with the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The camera takes high-quality photos, regardless of whether you’re at the beach, the park or in the city. Plus you can still quickly share your favorite photos with your social media networks and back them up on drives like VZ Cloud.
  • Before you leave town, set up a Belkin NetCam HD Plus for peace of mind while away from home. You’ll receive text and email alerts if the camera detects motion. Or if you’d like to check in on your home or pets, you can stream 720p HD video straight to your smartphone or tablet.
  • You’ve probably seen someone drop a cell phone in the pool while checking email or leave a device on a restaurant table, and you don’t want to be one of them. Before you head out of town, sign up for Total Mobile Protection (TMP) to keep your mobile device safe, especially if your kids will be playing with it. The service protects your technology investment by allowing you to replace, support and secure your device.