Just How Smart is Your Smartphone?

You may rarely test the "smartness" of your smartphone and instead use it simply to make calls, check emails, get directions or view restaurant ratings. However, your mobile device is built to do much more than the basics. With a few new apps, your smartphone can provide nearly unlimited information with the touch of a button.

How can you integrate your smartphone into common tasks? Here are a few examples:

Your smartphone can act as a level. A smartphone is similar to a toolbox, so why not add an app that can replace an item from your actual tool kit? iHandy lets you hang pictures, align shelves and measure angles accurately.

Your smartphone can measure your heart rate. Runtastic Heart Rate allows you to place an index finger over the lens of your smartphone camera to scan your blood flow and calculate pulse rate.

Your smartphone can help navigate traffic. Waze provides real-time traffic and road info, including hazards and traffic jams, as well as the closest gas stations. You can even see if friends are nearby, and communicate with other drivers on the road.

Think about your daily routines and needs at home and work, and find an app or two that may change the way you live.