What Technology Are You Wearing Today?

According to a recent Harris Poll, nearly half of Americans are at least a little interested in owning a wearable tech device. We’ve all heard about Google Glass, but what about the other wearable options?

Sports enthusiasts may enjoy the ZEPP Golf, ZEPP Baseball and ZEPP Tennis. These devices connect to the bottom of the glove, bat or racquet and send real-time analysis of the user’s swing to his or her smartphone or tablet. They can help improve technique and offer helpful tips.

Many people carry their smartphone and a charger in their purse, so why not combine the two? The Everpurse iPhone Charger allows users to stylishly charge their device while on the go. Users can choose the design and fabric that best compliments their outfit and keep it charged while out on the town.

The Samsung Gear 2 smart watch is a fashion-forward piece of wearable technology. It connects to your Galaxy Note 3, providing a powerful way for you to see important notifications, as well as take phone calls, shoot photos and video, and even count your steps. It also passes information to your smartphone, creating a seamless experience between the two. 

Fitness and fashion seem to merge when it comes to wearable technology. The UP by Jawbone and FitBit are very popular among young men and women. The sleek bands help track what is eaten, calories burned and how much sleep a person is getting. These devices resemble a bracelet or watch, and designers are getting on board to make these devices even more fashionable. Tory Burch, a popular women’s clothing designer, recently announced her plans to collaborate with FitBit to design an exclusive collection that incorporates her trademark design onto the device.

For the tech guru who keeps up with the latest and greatest trend, no matter how bizarre, there is a potential new device on the horizon from Google called the eNeck Tattoo. It is envisioned that this temporary tattoo would connect wirelessly with your phone or other mobile devices.

Whatever its form, wearable technology is here for those ready to accessorize – smartly.