How to De-clutter Your Device

Organizing your closets, shampooing your carpets and cleaning out junk drawers are probably the tasks that come to mind when making your spring cleaning to-do list. However, there are some everyday items that probably get overlooked: your smartphone and tablet.

Beth Ziegler, organizational expert and founder of Bneato, offers some advice and tips for tidying up your smartphone or tablet.

Put everything in its place: Paprika goes in the spice cabinet, sheets go in the linen closet and your mobile device should reflect the same type of organization. Approach sorting through apps the same way you would if you were cleaning out your closet: If you haven’t worn it – or in this case, used it – in six months, ditch it. Once you’ve cleared your device of unused apps, use folders to categorize and file what’s left. Put your airline and bus route apps in a travel folder, fitness tracker and nutrition scanner in health, reservation and restaurant review apps in food, file all games together, and so on.

Back it up and go paperless: Back up important information and memories such as photos, music, text messages and call logs to keep them safe and secure, especially if you happen to someday lose your device. Tools like Verizon Cloud sync and save digital files in the cloud, allowing you to access your info whenever you need it from any compatible device. Those on the MORE Everything plan get 25 GB of Cloud storage per device. If your goal is to go paperless, you can do so through apps like Shoeboxed that scan and upload receipts or Mint to access all online banking accounts in one place.

Remember those passwords: How many times have you clicked “Forgot Password?” when accessing different online accounts? Chances are you have to remember at least a dozen passwords every day – from social media accounts to your cloud storage solution. Apps like 1password or PasswordBox keep all your passwords in one secure place, so you’ll never have to click that button again.

You don’t have to be an organizational expert to be clean up your gadget. According to Ziegler, just “create accountability and practice maintenance for organizing success.”

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