Easy-to-Use LG Lucid 3 Available April 17

The all-new Lucid 3 by LG will be available online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting April 17 for free after $50 mail-in rebate debit card and new two-year activation. And for a limited time, Edge customers who trade in their basic phone to purchase a Lucid 3 can get an additional $50 bonus added to the phone’s trade-in value.

Switching from a basic phone to a smartphone gives you easy access to apps, games, video, rich social media content and more. Making the switch should be easy as well, and the LG Lucid 3 helps with that.

The new smartphone has two home screen styles to choose from: Home and EasyHome. Home is the standard Android homescreen that smartphone users may already be accustomed to. EasyHome is a simplified homescreen with quick access to favorite and frequently used features such as camera, contacts, dial pad, voicemail, weather and more.

The Lucid 3 features LG’s KnockCode, which is a new way for users to lock and unlock their phones using a customized pattern of knocks. With more than 80,000 possible KnockCode combinations, Lucid 3 users can create a custom lock screen. The Lucid 3 also features LG’s KnockOn feature that makes waking the phone convenient and easy. Users just need to double tap the screen to turn it on and can also double tap again to turn it off. This means less time fumbling for buttons.  

Additional features make the Lucid 3 smartphone really easy to use in everyday life, such as Cheese Shutter, which lets users take a photo by just saying the word “cheese.” Good for those selfie moments or posing when you cannot reach the shutter button. And Verizon Messages gives users a personalized way of picture messaging, with collages for example, and also the ability to send/receive text messages from their desktop or laptop.

Check it out. Customers who are interested in learning more about their device or are new to smartphones can attend free Wireless Workshops.