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A Modern Day Love Story: Mobile Intelligence is Getting Personal

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A recent Nuance-commissioned survey of 1,000 cellphone owners suggests that people are developing close relationships with the virtual assistants on their smartphones, with more than half of the respondents citing a personal connection with their device’s mobile assistant. A more extreme version of this connection was brought to life in Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated film “Her,” which tells the story of a lonely, introverted man who develops a romantic relationship with his operating system’s artificial intelligence. It’s a modern day story of love.

Mobile intelligence has evolved to create connections with smartphones that are uniquely personal. Google knows your hobbies, what you like to read and where you plan on vacationing. Siri knows what your schedule looks like and what restaurants you frequent. And with the strength and reliability of a 4G LTE network, you can have access to information when you’re on the go, allowing your devices to be even more customized to your lifestyle.

Furthermore, there are a variety of apps on the market that allow your smartphones to become even more intuitive. Mynd, for example, acts as a smart calendar, using algorithms to learn more about you and keep your schedule. Similarly, Easily Do is a smart assistant that helps streamline your online life, doing everything from sending birthday greetings and checking traffic, to notifying you about the weather and track packages. The SwiftKey keyboard not only completes words as you type, but uses contextual intelligence to predict what words it thinks will come next.  

With all of these innovations in mobile technology, it’s no surprise that many people are incredibly connected to their mobile devices. They have become a vital part of everyday life, holding personalized content at the touch of a screen and sending information before it’s requested. Mobile intelligence will only continue to evolve and revolutionize the way devices are used and how people relate to them on a truly personal level.