Lauren Tilstra's Must-have Apps

As an urban professional and a Verizon Wireless employee, I am often the go-to girl amongst my gaggle of girlfriends for trendy and can’t-live-without apps. Here are my app lifelines:

  1. Pinterest – I’m a bride-to-be and a Pinterest addict. From popular “up-dos” to honeymoon-worthy bathing suits, I can’t stop pinning ideas I see. Instead of nightly “how about this” calls from my mom and maid of honor, I’ve turned them onto Pinterest so they can send me their pins. It also allows me to secretly reject the less than stellar ideas without hurting anyone’s feelings
  2. UBER - On a rainy Saturday morning in my hometown, I overheard a conversation between two women outside a fitness class, one was drenched and the other was dry. When the dry one was asked how she was spared from the downpour, she said “UBER, it’s changed my life.” Since hearing that conversation, UBER has changed my life as well. UBER allows me to set a pick up location and order a car to take me to my next destination. Plus, UBER saves my credit card information so no cash is needed and tip is already included in the fare. Once you experience your first ride in an UBER car, you’ll never look at a cab the same.
  3. One Kings Lane – Like many children, I loved to play house growing up. I’d pretend that I was a journalist living in a fancy loft overlooking Central Park with rich leather furniture and a vintage chandelier. Years later as an adult, I received a harsh reality check. Decorating can be insanely expensive. Luckily, I found my design superhero: One Kings Lane, an online marketplace that offers flash sales on home décor, furniture, accessories and more. From chevron couches to standing film lamps, One Kings Lane makes chic furniture and accent pieces affordable to budget-minded design divas.
  4. iHeartRadio – As a non-morning person, very few things put pep in my step at 6 a.m. To date, the only thing that does is a daily dose of “Hello Lady!” from the New York-based radio program, “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.” Since I travel a lot, I’m not always in satellite range, but I can still tune in, thanks to iHeartRadio. iHeartRadio streams different radio stations from across the country and lets me create my own custom stations; it’s my cure to combat homesickness and help the work day fly by.
  5. HBO GO – Instant access to any episode of “Sex and the City”? Yes, please. The HBO GO app allows subscribers to stream shows and movies on mobile devices. With HBO GO, I can memorize inspirational Carrie Bradshaw quotes to help my BFF through a brutal breakup, or for a different approach, a few classic Tony Soprano lines to punish the person who did it!

What are your must-have apps? Tell us at @VZWnews or @Lauren_Tilstra.

This is part of the Verizon Wireless “Must-have Apps” series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.