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You’re waiting at the airport for your next flight to leave and you check your phone’s battery – 24%. Sure, there are plenty of power outlets at the airport, but they’re already claimed since everyone had the same idea: charge their phone before taking off. Many of us have been there.

The new Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate is a wireless charging solution that lets you simply lay your compatible device on it to charge; no cables or outlets needed. Most chargers require an outlet to work, but with the Portable Wireless Charging Plate, you can be comfortably seated at the airline gate charging your compatible device before flying instead of scrambling to find an outlet. The charger also includes LED indicators to reveal how much battery is left, and it has a travel mode to further extend its own battery life. It can become an essential travel companion.

Spring and summer road trips will soon be happening and car chargers can be one of the most important tools to bring with you. The Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder doubles as a vehicle mount, simultaneously holding the phone in place while driving and charging it. When your phone is the trusted GPS to get the group to its final destination, it can mean your phone is on low battery when you arrive. With the Wireless Charging Car Holder, you’ll have a charged phone instead – ready for pictures, social media, and any other task needed while traveling.

Both smart accessories are available online starting today and will be in stores in the coming weeks. The Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate and the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder are both $79.99.

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