Spring “Phonetography” Tech Tips for Parents with Teens

Spring marks an exciting time for high school teens and their parents. Between prom, graduation and more, students experiencing major milestones look to their parents to capture each special memory. Here are some useful “phonetography” tips for parents with kids of any age to preserve this spring’s memorable moments.

Instagram is a great first step to immortalizing moments in your child’s life on your mobile phone. And assuming you are already one of the 150 million users on this popular social media platform, there are ways to go beyond the usual filters and turn your ‘gram’ into a square-shaped work of art. Free apps like LINE camera and Repix can help you enhance any photo to make it vibrant and unique. Not only do these apps offer basic photo editing tools, they feature brushes and text boxes that help personalize any prom picture. You can order prints, photobooks or even custom-framed photos of your Instagram pictures from services like Prinstagram.

To fix photos that aren’t quite what you hoped for, try Snapseed. This versatile app comes with features such as a straightening tool, cropping tool, and adjustments to brightness, contrast, and exposure. It even allows you to selectively enhance one area of the picture – so if your teen’s graduation cap casts an unruly shadow on his or her face in a picture, you can easily brighten that area to create a perfect photo.

To take mobile phonetography to another level, the 4G LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy Camera is the perfect connected camera powerhouse. It’s a full–feature camera, only smarter. This 16 megapixel camera features a powerful 21x optical-zoom lens, a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touch screen and built-in editing tools. Even more, it comes preloaded with Instagram, so after your high school teen opens his or her first college acceptance letter; you can immediately upload it for friends and family.

The new HTC One (M8) is perfect for phonetography. The HTC One (M8) has a Duo Camera, making the camera lens on the front of the phone perfect for selfies! Both cameras have an advanced sensor to capture more light and detailed depth in each shot. Didn’t have your glasses on when you took the photo? No worries! Users can alter the focus of an image by choosing what to focus on in a photo after the image has been taken, helping to create professional-looking photos.

And don’t forget to share photos through text messages. Verizon Messages gives users a personalized way of picture messaging with collages, sketching and caption features. Our MORE EVERYTHING plan allows you to share photos with friends and family across the globe.

We hope these phonetography tips enhance the way you capture and share your teen’s favorite high school moments this spring, and help you and your family preserve these memories for years to come. Say cheese!