Who Says It’s Not Easy Being Green?

April 22 marks the 44th annual celebration of Earth Day, and this year, you have a lot of options for participating besides planting a tree or turning out the lights. Here are several ways to help save the Earth using your wireless device:

1. Invest in new devices to help save money on energy bills while curbing your home’s energy consumption.

The Nest Home Thermostat, for example, is a ‘learning’ thermostat that learns and adapts to your schedule, adjusting home temperatures for when you are home or away. You receive monthly reports that show how temperature change affects your energy use.

Alternatively, the WeMo Switch from Belkin is a smart electrical outlet that allows you to control your home electronics using your mobile device. Plug in any electrical device into the switch, and then power it on or off from your device.

You can also reduce the amount of energy you use to charge your wireless devices with the Panasonic Solar Charger, which harnesses solar energy from the sun to power up your smartphone, tablet or other device with a USB cable.

2. Use apps on your smartphone to help you stay environmentally-conscious.

GoodGuide (iOS and Android) helps you to choose products that are environmentally sound, ethically produced and healthy while you’re out shopping. You can set the criteria you care about most, such as nutritional value or energy efficiency, and use the app to find the products that meet your standards.

If you have products outside of traditional papers and plastics that you want to recycle but don’t know what to do with them, iRecycle (iOS and Android) is a good resource. The app can tell you where to recycle virtually any item, ranging from automotive parts to hazardous waste, and many items in between.

The JouleBug app (iOS and Android) makes sustainable practices simple and fun by offering hundreds of tips on sustainability. The app also lets users connect with friends to compare their eco-credibility.

3. Recycle your no-longer-used phones, batteries and accessories by donating to HopeLine from Verizon. HopeLine recycles these donated devices under a zero landfill policy and turns the proceeds into support for domestic violence organizations nationwide.