Tackle Your Spring Cleaning To-do List With Your Smartphone

Spring cleaning is practically a rite of passage each year, but it’s one that many people find to be a daunting task. If you’re dreading the cleaning and organizing or simply don’t know where to start, here are four ways your smartphone can help you get your spring cleaning to-do list completed.

1. With the HomeRoutines app, you can set specific cleaning tasks to be completed each day, week, month or even season. You’ll receive notifications to keep your cleaning on track and in manageable doses. You can also create “Focus Zones” that allow you to designate a space or area in your home to deep clean each week or month.

2. If a dirty washing machine or messy closet has you stumped, YouTube tutorials can help you tackle even the most tedious tasks. Clean My Space has dozens of videos to help you clean anything and everything in your home. If you fall short in the organization department, Home Organizing by Alejandra can help you reduce clutter and be more productive. Once your home is clean and organized, the HomeStagingChannel will show you the best way to hang a picture frame, install a light fixture or rearrange your bedroom.

3. If your smartphone has been sluggish lately, it could likely use some spring cleaning, too. Download the App Cache Cleaner for your Android to free storage by clearing out unnecessary files and help your phone run faster. MORE Everything subscribers can free up additional space by storing contacts, photos and more on VZ Cloud; each line has up to 25 GB of file storage for free. If your smartphone has been sluggish lately, it could likely use some spring cleaning, too.

4. Don’t let old cell phones, batteries and chargers collect dust in your junk drawer – donate them. HopeLine from Verizon refurbishes and resells working phones and recycles the rest. All proceeds from the program then go to domestic violence prevention organizations. You can donate your old phones and accessories in-store or through the mail with a pre-paid label.