Apps and Accessories Help Reduce the Anxiety of Teen Travel

Whether close to home or out on the road, keeping teenagers and families connected is vital to parents’ peace of mind. With summer approaching, teens have a break from their regular routines, families are heading to vacation destinations – and moms and dads have to work a little harder to keep an eye on their kids.

But a few apps and gadgets can make staying connected simple – and keep teens’ expensive mobile devices protected on the road.

While parents may be awed by the scenic views of their family vacation, anyone with a teen knows the kids are just as likely to be awed by the screen of their mobile devices, instead. Using a service like FamilyBase keeps the calls and texts to friends back home in check; it monitors wireless activities and allows parents to set usage limits and restrictions for each user on an account. FamilyBase can help children better understand how to use their devices responsibly and safely. The insights this service provides, presented in one dashboard, are especially helpful for parents or anyone with multiple family members on the same account. FamilyBase can also help avoid unexpected charges for a parent’s own device or any other device on their account.

If vacation includes a little me-time for teenagers, parents can keep track of them from a distance with social media apps – among the most popular for teens are Vine, WeChat, and Instagram.

It is important to have the proper equipment, and keeping devices charged is a simple task that can make all the difference on vacation. Mophie offers a variety of charging products. The latest addition to its lineup is the space pack: the 1700 mAh protective battery case with built-in local storage provides space for more data and files. Users get up to 100 percent extra battery life and 32 GB of extra storage for their smartphones, so parents won’t lose touch with their teen on the road – and they won’t have to delete vacation photos to free up space.

Finally, parents can outfit teenagers’ phones to better take a few bumps on an active adventure. Some phone cases are a more of a fashion accessory, but others provide significant features. LifeProof cases are designed to help protect smartphones from water, dirt and snow, and damage from drops. Adding Verizon Mobile Protection affords protection against loss, theft and accidental water damage – a worthwhile consideration especially if a family vacation is spent boating or poolside.

When families travel this summer, these apps and accessories are sure to keep everyone connected.