Family Values: Helping to Keep Families Fully Connected for Less

Today’s American families have become well-connected, multitasking pros, due to balancing work, family, appointments, and the need to communicate through it all. According to Nielsen research, the average American family has four mobile devices, and more than 84 percent of mobile owners even use a tablet or smartphone while watching TV.

So it’s not surprising that many families need to manage all these multiple devices while keeping a close eye on the family budget. Here are three ways that families can get the most out of their wireless devices without breaking the bank.

  • MORE Everything is a plan that lets customers connect up to 10 devices with unlimited talk and text and one shareable pool of data. Now, teens who are addicted to the glow of their smartphones can talk and text to their hearts’ content without mom and dad worrying about monthly limits and voice and text overage charges.
  • Verizon Edge is a device payment plan that offers an affordable way to stay up to date with the latest devices. There are no upgrade fees and no long-term service contracts, and Verizon Edge customers are eligible to upgrade 30 days after purchasing a new device, as long as at least half the phone’s original purchase price has been paid. So whether it’s mom, dad or the kids who are the early adopters of the latest tech, families can keep everyone happy and upgraded without paying extra fees for doing so.
  • FamilyBase is a service that offers peace of mind to parents of young children who have a wireless device. It allows parents to supervise their child’s phone usage, including who their child texts or calls most often and what apps are being used most frequently. Parents can also set limits on data, voice and messaging usage.

Verizon Wireless is helping today’s families make the most of their mobile lifestyles while keeping the family budget right on track. Learn about other ways families can save money while making the most of their wireless lifestyle.