But First, Let Me Take a (Good) Selfie

From backstage at the Oscars, to White House controversies, to a catchy song that is moving up the music charts, the “selfie” has become a ubiquitous pop culture photo phenomenon. Capturing the perfect selfie may take a few attempts, but to secure the best possible self-portrait on the first try, follow these picture-taking tips.

First, get to know your smartphone’s features. Many of today’s top phones are packed with cool camera components and capabilities. The HTC One (M8) includes a 5-megapixel front facing camera with features such as a timer so you know exactly when to pose and also photo filters for an artsy or silly selfie. The Nokia Lumia ICON features a Creative Studio app for editing selfies or making a selfie collage, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a dual camera feature so you can take a picture using the front and rear cameras at the same time. You can take a selfie and a picture of the band on stage in one image.

There are also dozens of great photography apps and filters designed specifically for selfies. Pixtr and Facetune, for example, both automatically perfect photos and can smooth wrinkles, brighten teeth and chisel your jawline. CamMe takes a perfectly angled, hands-free selfie; just raise your camera and CamMe does the rest through gesture control. Similarly, Selfie Cam uses smile detection to snap a picture and also lets you add stickers and captions to photos that can be uploaded to social media sites through the app. Shots of Me is super for sharing, Frontback combines “you and what you see” and MomentCam transforms your image into a cartoon.

There are countless considerations in the set-up and snapping of a good selfie, but there are a few things you can do to avoid some frequent mistakes. A flash never matches natural light, so for the best results, take a selfie with plenty of natural light present in the photo. Additionally, try to shoot from slightly above your head, to avoid the potential for the dreaded double-chin or upshot of your nostrils. Lastly, your selfie should be a reflection of your personality. Be yourself and have fun – nothing is less cool than trying too hard to look cool.  

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