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What is Cloud Computing?

First there were hard drives, and then there were flash drives, and now there is the cloud. Many people have been asking, “What is cloud computing?” The cloud is one of the hottest topics in technology – but what is it, and how can you use it.

For many, smartphones are more than just a phone. They are part of everyday life. They carry your favorite music, photos and videos – not to mention every phone number you haven’t memorized. But what happens to all of your photos, videos, contacts, music, call logs and text messages if you lose your phone or upgrade to a new model? The cloud is the answer to helping you keep track of all your “digital stuff,” and even if you lose your device, you’ll know where you can find all of your memories and must-have information.

Verizon Cloud, for example, is Verizon Wireless’ personal cloud service. The service offers 25 GB of free cloud storage with the MORE Everything plan, allowing you to sync your device contacts, pictures, videos and call log to the cloud. After you have backed up the data stored on your smartphone or tablet on the cloud, this data is available anywhere you can access the Internet, including a smartphone, computer or tablet. Even when you upgrade or need a new device, you can transfer all of your data stored on Verizon Cloud just by syncing it with your new device.

But uses for cloud computing go beyond just those times when you might lose or damage your device or upgrade to a new one.

The cloud is especially helpful for business-minded people who travel and spend much of their time giving presentations, signing agreements or editing documents on multiple devices. For instance, through the cloud, you can begin working on a document on your computer, edit it on your smartphone then present right from your tablet.

For college students who take all their notes on their laptops, they can sync all of their notes to the cloud and then be able to access them from their smartphones or tablets in those precious moments just before finals. So next time you hear someone asking “What is cloud computing?”, be sure to inform them of how useful of a tool it can be.

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