Fitness Tracker Accessories That Turn Your Smartphone Into Your Coach

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You’re doing your workout or morning run and a couple of questions come to mind: Is my heart rate too high? How do I even check it? What was my maximum speed? How far did I run?

Not many people have a personal trainer or coach they can just call up or ask at any time of day. But the new Adidas miCoach accessories give you the fitness tracker you’re looking for before, during and after a workout.

Each wearable accessory can be paired with the miCoach app, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, for tracking, tips and progress. This way, your smartphone becomes your own personal trainer and fitness tracker with the help of these four accessories:

  • miCoach Heart Rate Monitor – Sometimes it can be hard to get an accurate read on your heart rate, especially when you aren’t sure how to do it. This accessory is worn around the chest, and, in addition to monitoring your heart rate, it tracks calories burned and progress towards your goals.
  • miCoach Speed Cell – Data such as distance covered is important to athletes, but there is so much more to running when training or playing sports. You can now learn more about your movement and speed while running. The Speed_Cell tracks additional stats such as maximum speed to help you reach new goals and stride rate to determine how frequently each step was taken.
  • miCoach X_Cell – So you’ve worked on endurance, but what about performance? The X_Cell tracks performance while you play and gives you coaching tips to improve your game. It measures quickness to determine acceleration, reaction time, and your ability to change direction. X_Cell also measures your vertical jump in case you ever wonder how high you jump playing basketball or during a CrossFit session.
  • miCoach Smart Run Watch – A tech essential for runners, the watch tracks your runs using GPS, monitors heart rate and has a built-in MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite playlist. The accessory even helps keep you motivated with real-time coaching, which gives you tips and advice when active.

What more could you ask for in a wearable fitness tracker?

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