Gift Ideas for Even the Most Tech-savvy Graduate

Today’s graduates know tech, with many of them discovering digital keyboards before they could even utter their first words. Early camera phones were old hat by the first grade; high-speed mobile data was the stuff of middle school; and cloud computing, social media and streaming movies to wireless devices are as common to this group of graduates as study halls. Now, gifts for college students are different than they have ever been before.

Indeed, the Class of 2014 has witnessed the most explosive growth in mobile technology than any generation before. But you can still find the perfect gift – from smartphones and tablets to accessories and mobile hotspots – for even the most tech-savvy student who is about to don a cap and gown.

The popular Samsung Galaxy S 5 smartphone, for example, makes HD movies and games come to life on the screen, and the camera allows for split-second pictures. Plus, the device can be unlocked with just the touch of a finger.

If the grad in your life is more tablet-focused, there are also plenty of options that can provide tools for both work and play. The Verizon Ellipsis 7 tablet features secure email and the pre-installed Amazon Kindle app while also providing entertainment options with Redbox Instant for movies and iHeart Radio for music. All tablets are available with shareable data though the More Everything Plan, so families can get unlimited talk and text as well as shareable data between multiple devices.

Accessories are great gifts for students too, and they can fit any interest and price range. These include gadgets for sports and fitness, gaming, wearable tech, photography and music. For example, your grad can rock out with a set of high-definition headphones in a variety of styles and colors from Beats by Dr. Dre or kick-up the party with Bluetooth speakers for big, bold sound from a smartphone or tablet.

These high-tech gift ideas make shopping for your tech-savvy grad elementary. Show them you’ve learned a thing or two as well.