Mother’s Day Gifts Becoming Easier to Find as Technology Advances

Finding fitting and fun Mother’s Day gifts can be a difficult task. Especially if you don’t know what your mom really wants. Traditionally, people play the guessing game, buy something blindly and hope that their giftee will like what she receives. Usually, it’s a hit-or-miss mission. 


So imagine if there was a way to easily find out what your mom really wanted? Well, there is, and all you have to do is go online. Just like a wedding or baby shower registry, moms are creating and managing online listings of the gifts that they are interested in. As Mother’s Day approaches, dutiful sons and daughters can now retrieve these lists and see what his or her mom has her eye on. In turn, moms are guaranteed to like every gift they receive (they picked it out, after all!), and gift-givers can relax and know that the present being presented is spot on. With online sales growing each year, companies are discovering new ways of creating unique types of user experiences such as this one. 


Pinterest takes a similar approach by enabling user to create lists. While mom is using her account to “pin” images her favorite things to a list, you can quickly have access to it. With that information, discovering a gift for her just became a whole lot easier.


So, when you find yourself having trouble finding Mother’s Day gifts, make sure your mom is all set up to create her ultimate gift list. What other innovative methods do you use for giving the best Mother’s Day gifts? Tell us on Twitter at @VZWnews and @AndMucc