A Short Day in the Life of a Long Commute

Recently, I moved further away from New York City (NYC), so my commute has changed from an easy routine to what feels like an adventurous trek. Going door-to-door in 45 minutes on “automatic pilot” by way of my familiar, tried-and-true local bus is no longer an option; a new world of traveling to the city has become my reality. I’ve turned to several must-have apps to streamline my more complicated commute.

  • The Weather Channel -- On mornings when I need to attend important meetings and ensure what the weather has in store for the rest of the day, I turn to The Weather Channel app, which gives snapshots of forecasts when I need them.  Sometimes a few miles can mean the difference between all-day sunshine and all-day thunderstorms.
  • Moovit – On the nights before I expect early meetings, I explore a few transportation options - car, bus and train. I check the schedules for all modes on Moovit, a travel info app, which is simple, quick and accurate. Logistically, I usually learn that the local train and bus – with all their stops – will get me to my meeting too late.
  • VZ Navigator – When I have to drive myself into the city, I simply plug my destination into the navigator. The app immediately selects a route and I’m on my way. Sometimes, I run into some nerve-wracking traffic due to construction during my drive, but the app thankfully notifies me of a different route so I can take an alternate course, miss the traffic, and arrive at my destination on time. 
  • Checking in -- While waiting for the bus, I usually have a few free minutes to spare, so I check baseball scores and news on At Bat, and also read about my Giants on NFL Mobile. With no traffic (thanks to a peek on VZ Navigator again), it’s usually a quick bus ride. When I arrive in NYC, I check Moovit to research which subway line is best for getting to my meeting site. I type in the address and am immediately informed which train will get me to my destination quickly.
  •  Google Play Newsstand – When I have some downtime, I turn to Google Play Newsstand and read a few articles on the bus ride home. VZ Navigator tells me when there is no traffic, and the amount of time it will take for me to get home.

With that, my workday is complete. My smartphone and the Verizon Wireless network helps me get to where I need to go — and I feel smarter (and less anxious) in the process.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless Must-have Apps series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.