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The Evolution of Mobile Advertising

With more and more people living their lives on mobile, advertisers are seeking more effective ways to reach those consumers with messages about products and services. Today, Precision Market Insights from Verizon introduced new, privacy-safe solutions designed to help address those challenges faced by marketers.

The mobile advertising industry demands reliable options to tackle long-standing issues with delivering mobile ads, including addressability, measurement and consumer experience. As the nation’s largest wireless network provider, Verizon is in a unique position to help marketers more accurately reach its customer base in a privacy-safe manner that protects customer information.

The Precision solutions can be used to reach the right audiences on mobile through demographic, interest and geographic targeting and enables advertisers to use their own data to reach target audiences on their mobile devices. Precision solutions help brands deliver impact-driven marketing and drive ROI in mobile. Importantly, this is done without any personally identifiable information being shared outside of Verizon and without the use of any Verizon-collected web browsing information. Verizon is working with partners including Oracle BlueKai, BrightRoll, Turn and RUN to deliver these solutions to advertisers. 

Here’s an example: Today, I might look for sporting goods at a specific retailer, and the next time I visit a site with space for advertising (let’s say a news site) I may see an ad for that retailer. Now, using Precision’s solutions, advertisers may deliver that ad for the same retailer when I visit a mobile website that has space for advertising.

The availability of Precision’s solutions follows successful trials with top-tier brands such as Kraft and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. By leveraging the accuracy of Precision targeting, a campaign for Kraft successfully expanded Kraft’s mobile reach by an additional 80 percent. 

Information about the program and about the data it uses can be found here and in our privacy policy. Customers can choose not to participate in the program by going to their privacy choices page on MyVerizon or by calling 866-211-0874.

*Verizon’s business and government customers are not part of the Precision program.