Growing a Small Business with Social Video

While it’s now customary for businesses to use Twitter and Facebook as means of providing customer support, other social tools that rely on video have emerged that allow businesses to fully demonstrate their expertise – engaging, instructing and connecting with their customers.

There are many apps to help small businesses engage with customers beyond the storefront. For example, Google+ Hangouts makes virtual meetings with employees or customers a breeze. With the app, users can send and receive messages, photos and videos, and even arrange group video calls with up to 15 people. Additionally, Vine and Instagram video give small businesses the ability to create and share short videos (six to 15 seconds) that highlight their offerings and know-how through product demos and employee interviews. 

According to Ann Handley, a contributor to, videos provide customers with more engaging and shareable content, rather than just a product or service discussion. With social video, small businesses can create valuable content like that of bigger enterprises, but without large budgets or production equipment.

For small businesses, Snapguide is a simple tool for creating instructional videos. Offering public photo and video how-to guides, this platform helps businesses and entrepreneurs demonstrate their depth of knowledge on any given topic. Developers can use it to promote a new mobile app and its features. To make the most of the platform, small businesses can also comment on other guides, offering advice or tweaks. With users now able to make requests for specific guides, there are even more opportunities for small businesses to teach consumers and win their loyalty.

For small business owners, demonstrating their capabilities to customers is a valuable way to build their brand. By using a smartphone, like the 20-megapixel PureView camera-equipped Nokia Lumia Icon, to create an informative video for sharing online, they can find a whole new base of customers within their reach.