One Family’s Small Business Success With a New Generation of Technology

Marissa Esposito, co-owner and operations manager of Esposito’s Electric in Denville, N.J., was groomed to be part of her family’s business since the day she was born. “When I was a baby, my father used to bring me into his office and let me color-code his construction blueprints,” Esposito said.

Growing up, Esposito never thought she would one day take over the family-owned electrical contracting business. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University, Esposito got a job as a graphic designer, then started to help her father with marketing and design needs for his business. Before she knew it, she was running general operations for the entire business and doing the marketing in her spare time.

“I’ve technically been in a leadership role here for the past five years, along with my brother and father,” she said. “My role fluctuates depending on what’s going on in the business, but usually I’m interacting with customers and managing field technicians’ schedules.” 

Esposito studies her computer screen as she explains her role in the company, monitoring her customers’ generators using the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network to give real time notifications when generators fail to start or require maintenance.

Being the millennial she is, Esposito looked to Verizon Wireless on how technology could move her father’s company forward.

“My dad was very reluctant to make the move to technology such as tablets,” she said, opening her iPad to demonstrate how employees use tablets and the Generac app for their generators during sales visits.

Her dad’s hesitation was unfounded. According to Esposito, “On-the-spot sales have increased 35 percent now that we’re using this wireless service on our tablets.”