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Gifts for Father’s Day

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If dad is the driving instructor, which can make even the toughest dads tremble in fear, Delphi Connect can track a driver’s speed and RPM history and send text alerts if the vehicle exceeds 75 MPH. Dad will even receive a text alert if the teen driver leaves a designated area. He can track fuel levels, tire pressure and decode check engine lights remotely to help make sure his teen’s ride stays safe.

So whether dad is a TV aficionado, tennis pro or somewhere in between, the latest connected devices will upgrade dad from receiving just another plaid sock on Father’s Day to the title of “World’s Most Connected Man.” 

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Father’s Day is this Sunday. This year, help your dad become the “World’s Most Connected Man” by giving him a connected device that he can use for his hobbies, adventures, or time with kids on vacations and during social gatherings.

If dad lives for the big game, the Logitech Harmony Smart Control will allow him to control his entire home entertainment center from a smartphone. He can change channels, access movies and play his favorite music with a swipe of his finger. It’s also an easy way to adjust tunes from the pool or to change channels from the kitchen.

If dad is the family coach, then a connected device can be his new assistant. When it’s time to coach the kids’ tennis team, the Zepp Tennis device will track forehands, backhands, serves and smashes. Dad can measure how much power is generated with each stroke and give each team member individual feedback about his or her game, straight from data on his smartphone. There are similar devices if golf is the sport of choice in the house.

If dad is the family photographer, the OlloClip 4-in-1 lens transforms an iPhone into a powerful camera with a vivid lens. This device is ideal for capturing special family moments all year long.