Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Tech-savvy Dads

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and with many people planning to spend a few more dollars this year on dad’s special day, mobile tech items are gifts that keep on giving.   

Two tech-savvy Colorado dads have some father’s day gift ideas that all can enjoy.

Boulder-based dad Dave Taylor, creator of the GoFatherhood.com blog, has battery power and charging options at the top of his Father’s Day list.

“My must-have tech items include an external battery charger, wall charger and screen protector,” said Taylor. “The external battery charger is in case my phone inevitably dies when I’m far away from power. The wall charger is for when I’m near power, and the screen protector is a must because modern tech glass screens are prone to getting scratched and chipped.”

If your dad’s list of must-haves is similar to Dave’s, consider products like a Mophie Juice Pack for a Samsung or iPhone device. There are many other portable charging devices to help keep your dad’s device powered up while he uses his favorite apps, and if he owns a Verizon Nokia phone, there are smart accessories to keep his device running all day. A screen protector is also an inexpensive accessory to help prevent scratches and keep any device clean.

Edd Taylor, a dad from Denver and member of Denver Dads Group, loves gadgets and raves about his iPad mini.

“The latest iPad mini with Retina display is one of my top three gadgets, but I also use a projection keyboard to go with it,” said Edd. He also has a new iPhone on his wish list, but might buy it for himself later this year – Edd has a nine-month-old son who’s unlikely to pick up the tab for Father’s Day.

If iPad minis and projection keyboards are outside your budget, accessories like these versatile iPad cases, car chargers or even an iHome docking station make great father’s day gift ideas.

Whether he’s a gadget guru or less tech-savvy than most, give your dad the gift of technology and help his cool factor with some new gadgets this Father’s Day.