Personal Finance Apps to Get You Financially Fit: Part 1

Saving money is easier when you have the right tools. From lowering the cost of your energy bills to saving money on groceries and tracking your finances, personal finance apps can help you develop a financial wellness plan and gain financial peace of mind. Part one in this series highlights ways to manage your pocketbook.

Personal Finance apps can help you put together a household budget and track your spending history. Here are several money-saving apps that can help you track your expenses and spend wisely:

Isis Mobile Wallet -- The Isis Mobile Wallet is a free app available for use with many of the latest smartphones. A convenient and financially-fit way to shop, it’s available for use at most major retail stores. With Isis, you can pay with a tap of your phone and shop with confidence, knowing that the wallet is PIN-protected – if your phone is ever lost or stolen, one call can freeze your wallet. You can also add multiple credit cards or set up an American Express Serve Account that lets you add money with your preferred credit, debit or bank account – a great option for those who only want to allot a certain amount of money to a mobile wallet.

Expense Manager -- Expense Manager is a free Android app that allows you to track expenses by week, month or year, or across categories. Set up payment alerts, chart expense categories, search for individual transactions, import and export data for desktop analysis, and even take pictures of store receipts. The app includes handy tools such as a currency converter, tip calculator and tax calculator. Information can be automatically saved to a Dropbox account. Personal Finance -- is a free personal finance app, available on both iOS and Android operating systems – it syncs with your bank to pull in all your transactions and automatically categorizes them without the need for any additional data entry. Mint creates a customized budget based on your spending and sends bill reminders, alerts and advice right to your phone. A four-digit personal identification number keeps your information secure, and you can deactivate the PIN from your profile if you lose your mobile device.

Getting financially fit is simple when you use wireless technology to create and maintain a financial wellness plan. From personal finance apps to smart accessories, tablets and smartphones can help pad your wallet.