Wearable Technology Spans All Life Stages

Today, memories from summer playtime and family vacations aren’t just celebrated – they’re tracked, analyzed and shared widely with wearable technology. The World Economic Forum (WEF) lists body-adapted, wearable electronics among its top 10 technologies shaping the world’s future, and predicts that hundreds of millions of wearable electronics will be in use by 2016.

From pet adoption to life in the workplace, virtually any stage of life or activity can be monitored with wearable technology – and let’s face it, gadgets are fun. From fitness trackers to attachable cameras, having the ability to measure or record daily activity helps us strive for new personal bests and encourages us to share our experiences with others. 

For kids, the iBitz by GeoPalz turns daily activities into a game. By attaching to a child’s hip or shoe, the tracker monitors physical activity, unlocking different game levels with every step.

When active kids grow into athletic teens and adults, they can get in the game with the new Adidas miCoach X_Cell. When strapped around a user’s chest, it acts as a virtual coach, providing tips to improve acceleration, agility, jump height and more. This generation of athletes is the first to experience and benefit from this technology in their training.

Adults can also take advantage of wristband tech like the Misfit Shine or Fitbit Flex. These devices can help college grads entering the job market adjust to a 9-to-5 schedule or help new moms and dads monitor and adjust their sleep and exercise patterns as they learn the parenthood ropes. The real-time information gathered and analyzed by their wearable technology allows users to immediately act based on the data in front of them.

And when that first family vacation rolls around, parents can capture memories with the wearable GoPro camera. Completely waterproof, the camera uses its unique point of view to capture on-the-go, candid moments that last a lifetime.

And this is just the beginning. According to the WEF, emerging technologies like thought-powered computers will ensure an exciting, tech-filled tomorrow.