Summer Driving With Technology

Summer playlist, check. Sunshine, check. Car windows down to feel the breeze, check. Your car diagnostics app says the car is ready, and you have the green light to drive.

Technology in the car is more than just entertainment as you prepare for summer driving. The Delphi Connect vehicle diagnostics tool becomes part of your pre-, during-, and post-travel plans with features such as a vehicle diagnostics check before traveling, a 4G LTE mobile hotspot to provide high-speed Internet access to passengers’ Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices during the trip, and a location monitor so you know where the car is parked before making the trip home. And starting today, even more features are available in the Delphi Connect app.

When it comes to cars, some drivers like to personalize them with vanity plates, fun air fresheners or even a name. With the latest Delphi Connect update, you can give your vehicle a nickname instead of just seeing the car’s make and model, which lets you run diagnostics on “Herbie” or recall where you parked “Big Rig.”

While summer driving can be exciting for teens and young adults, parents prefer comfort and peace of mind with family members on the road. Also available on the update is vehicle tracking, which allows you to view the location of up to 10 cars at a time. Especially helpful for efficient fleet management, the app update also helps business owners stay organized and aware of employee locations in case they need to be sent to a new job.