Florida Survey Highlights Smartphone Statistics and Habits

More than half of all Americans own smartphones, so it’s no surprise these devices are hinged to some of life’s most interesting moments. Verizon Wireless recently conducted an online study to discover what smartphone users in Florida are doing for the two to three hours a day on average – much longer than the national average of roughly one hour – they spend using their smartphones.

In the state of Florida, tens of millions of calls, texts and high-speed data connections are made on the Verizon Wireless network every day. While text messages and voice calls remain staples of mobile communication, the Verizon Wireless survey shows that Florida smartphone users are also relying on their devices for work, play and everything in between.

Text Messaging

  • Users do almost as much text messaging at work or school (36%) as they do at home (44%).
  • Users text friends more than other groups like family, significant others and coworkers/classmates.

Smartphone Uses

  • 77% use smartphones to shop.
  • 65% use smartphones while on the toilet.
  • 45% use smartphones while exercising/at the gym.
  • 33% use smartphones as mirrors.
  • 24% use smartphones to make donations.

Interesting Happenings

  • 49% have admitted to pocket-dialing someone.
  • 32% have had a ringtone/alert disturb a business meeting or class.
  • 31% have broken a phone.
  • 29% have spilled food or drink on a phone.
  • 27% have pretended to be on a call to avoid talking to someone in person.
  • 17% have lost a phone.
  • 14% have pretended to receive an emergency call, text or email to remove themselves from a situation.
  • 14% have had a ringtone/alert disturb a romantic moment.

Highlights from the survey are in the featured infographic. Follow @VZWchuck on Twitter or search the hashtag #FloridaFactFriday for more interesting smartphone statistics and findings.