Tablets and Tech Checks Add Safety for Domestic Violence Survivors

Verizon Wireless awarded a $50,000 grant to the Family Justice Center of Erie County (FJC) to help fund a new technology safety initiative. The grant will help fund tablets for survivors of domestic abuse and cover the cost for “Tech Checks” to scan personal vehicles and electronics for potential tracking devices and software. The grant was made available through HopeLine from Verizon, which connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources, funds organizations nationwide and recycles unusable phones to help protect the environment.

As technology advances, tactics used by domestic violence perpetrators have evolved, creating a need for the Family Justice Center (FJC) to stay one step ahead. The technology safety initiative will allow the FJC to:

  • Provide tablets for clients to use to connect and establish relationships with their advocates from any of the FJC’s three locations
  • Perform “Tech Checks” to scan survivors’ personal vehicles, mobile phones, computers and other electronics equipment for GPS tracking devices, spyware, or other tracking software
  • Create a video to help make survivors aware of all of the services available at the FJC and the partnering agencies they can meet
  • Provide personal alarms to use if the survivor is confronted by an attacker

Verizon Wireless, represented by Buffalo district manager Jen Ventress, was recognized for the grant and its previous support of the FJC at the organization’s annual breakfast.

The HopeLine grant is part of Verizon Wireless’ ongoing efforts to support the victims and families of domestic violence in our communities and the organizations that serve them. Since 2001, the HopeLine program has collected more than 10.8 million phones and provided more than $21.4 million in cash grants to domestic violence organizations nationwide.



Photo caption:

Mary Travers Murphy, executive director of the Family Justice Center of Erie County, and Jen Ventress, district manager for Buffalo.