MORE Everything Means More of Whatever Your Family Loves Most

“I don't bite my nails anymore when my kids tell me they just watched their favorite TV show for two hours on their smartphones!” said Stan Lowe.

Now that his family is on MORE Everything, Lowe says that he is now comfortable with his plan and the amount of data being shared by everyone.

Lowe and his family of four use nearly 14 gigabytes of data every month. His kids use both cellular and Wi-Fi to stream video and watch movies from Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. Lowe himself catches up on live-streaming college football games with the Pac-12 app because it’s the one thing his home TV provider does not offer. Lowe also follows his favorite sports with WatchESPN and NBA Game Time and uses Runner’s World Smart Coach to train for upcoming races.

As president of The Dot Printer in Irvine, Calif., Lowe also relies on his iPhone 5s to keep his printing business humming.

“I would be lost without it!” he said. “Between texts, access to Gmail, going to the Cloud via Dropbox, the ability to type quotes and respond to clients in a timely manner – it would all be slowed to a halt if I did not have my iPhone on Verizon.”

“I spend so much time on my smartphone taking care of business that without it I’d lose the ability to get things done when I am not in the office.”

Families like Lowe’s are doing more and sharing more with their wireless devices. For a family of four, this could mean an awful lot of data, particularly when U.S. consumers in 2013 used an average of 1.2 gigabytes a month apiece, nearly double from the previous year.

Finding the right data plan for your family is more important than ever. Lowe found his by working with a Verizon Wireless call center representative. Using the online Data Calculator, they determined how much data his family uses each month so they are able to pay for just what they need.

Lowe finds Usage Alerts helpful when it comes to controlling his family’s data usage. “If I get an alert, I just log in to My Verizon and see who’s burning the data.”

“MORE Everything is ideal for our family with multiple data devices,” said Lowe.