Managing the Future of Your Wireless Experience

Cincinnati resident Tyler Schutz, who works in business development for dunnhumbyUSA, isn’t satisfied simply keeping up with technology. For Schutz, it’s all about staying ahead in a rapidly changing environment.

“It’s important for me to have the latest wireless device that can keep up with the speed at which technology is improving,” says Schutz. And to help ensure he has the latest smartphone, Schutz is taking advantage of the Verizon Edge program.

Verizon Edge is a flexible equipment payment plan that spreads the retail price of a device over 24 months. Customers can also upgrade to a new device in as few as 30 days if 75 percent of the full retail price has been paid.

“I decided to go with Verizon Edge because I didn’t want to wait to upgrade my phone,” Schutz explains.

This week, device enthusiasts have even more reason to celebrate. Tablets, including the brand new Sony Xperia Z2, can now be purchased using Verizon Edge – enabling customers to pay for the device over 24 monthly payments. Tablets can be added to a Verizon MORE Everything plan for $10 monthly line access.

With Verizon Edge, there are no finance, activation or upgrade fees and customers with MORE Everything plans can receive up to $25 off their monthly line access, depending on the data allowance chosen. All of that together makes Edge an attractive choice for high-tech and value-conscious customers like Schutz.

Technology changes faster than the weather. Verizon Edge is more than just another way to purchase a phone or tablet – it allows consumers to manage the future of their wireless experience.