Tech Tip: Decrease Battery Drain Anxiety

Normal is a new 99-cent app for iOS that takes a big data approach to helping you save juice on your device. Normal gathers data from its users and allows you to compare your usage to that of others who have a similar app portfolio. Like Battery Doctor, it also identifies apps that drain your device and suggests personalized actions you can take to save battery life. Here’s to staying charged. 

Data usage applies for app download and use.

We’ve all been there: Your phone is running out of juice, you’re desperately searching for a plug (and you’re probably in an airport), but alas, you forgot your charger (again) and you wonder: “How can I reduce my battery drain so this doesn’t happen so often?” Thankfully there are new and recently updated tools to help you easily battle your next bout of battery panic.

Battery Doctor is a free app for iOS and Android that aims to help you manage every aspect of your phone's battery usage. Battery Doctor shows you how much power you'll save by disabling certain settings, lists how much energy each of your apps require and even notifies you when to begin and end a charging cycle for maximum battery life.