Tech Tip: Make Your Instagram Captions Typo-Free

If you use Instagram, you probably know the frustration of taking a great photo, editing and filtering it, painstakingly typing out the perfect caption and putting it up only to realize that the caption contained a typo or incorrect username or hash tag. Deleting and re-posting the photo and caption is such a pain that often even the most meticulous Instagram users just decide to live with their mistakes. Luckily, there's a very simple solution that means you won’t have to leave caption typos on your permanent record again: type your caption as a comment instead.

To do this, simply upload your photo without a caption, and then immediately type your caption as the first comment. As long as yours is the first comment, it will display exactly the same way a normal caption does, but you'll reserve the ability to delete and rewrite the caption without doing anything to the photo itself. To do this, just click the ellipsis icon, swipe left and hit the red trashcan icon. Get into the habit of posting all your photos this way, and all your captions can be as perfect as you want them to be.