‘Tis the Season for Summer Road Tripping

It’s time to weigh your summer vacation options: Spend hundreds of dollars on airfare to shorten your travel time or cut costs with a road trip?

Those who grew up in an analog generation remember hours of games like “I Spy,” “Name that Tune,” and “The Alphabet Game.” But today, media-savvy kids are more likely to reach for technology before the car even crosses the county line. 

Armed with an arsenal of road trip apps and devices, today’s parents can take the sting out of long road trips and provide kids with hours of mobile entertainment. 

Create a portable game console by snapping a phone into a MOGA ProPower (for Android devices) or a MOGA AcePower (for iPhones). Once inserted into the MOGA, the two devices connect via Bluetooth for gaming on the go.

Similarly, the LeapFrog Creativity Camera is a protective case designed to hold an iPhone or iPod Touch and turn either device into a kid-friendly and hard-to-break digital camera. The phone’s screen becomes the camera display and with the app, the kids can edit photos for hours of wacky fun.

Also from LeapFrog, Mr. Pencil is a stylus shaped like an oversized cartoon pencil. When paired with the app, Mr. Pencil teaches the ABCs and 123s using animation and sound effects.

From Crayola, the DigiTools Paint Pack will turn a tablet into an easel with endless artistic options. The pack includes a digital paintbrush, airbrush, stamper and paint roller for no-mess creativity.

And don’t worry if there’s no time to stop by a store or you can’t find one of these devices along the way. Turn to your app store for inspiration. There are scores of games in app stores, including a few fun and educational games:

  • Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections (Apple)
  • Mad Libs (Apple) and Pocket MadLibs (Android)
  • TeachMe: Math Facts 1.0 (Apple) and Math Practice Flash Cards (Android)
  • Doodle Jump (Android)
  • NASA App (Apple and Android)
  • Flat Stanley (Apple)

Keep devices charged while on the road with a portable Motorola Power Pack Slim 2400. Your devices are likely to run out of juice before your kids are, and no one likes a cranky car ride!

Data usage applies for app download and use.