Organization Expert Shares Her Must-Have Apps to Prepare for Fall

Louise Kurzeka has been a professional organizer for over 22 years. Her company, Everything’s Together®, works with clients to help them make the most of their time and optimize their space. Here, Kurzeka shares some tips for fall organizing – including technology that can help you get everything in place for the new season. 

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the color palette of turning leaves and the crisp, cool evenings balanced by mild, sunny days. So what does that have to do with organizing your life? Those dropping temperatures signal that it’s time to transition to a new season. And that means sorting through closets, garages and pantries. 

But where do you start? Pick the easiest job first to jump-start your momentum, and download a few essential apps that will help keep you on track.

  1. Seasonal Clothing Swap: The first task I tackle when transitioning to a new season are clothing closets. For fall, pull out lightweight and winter coats first. If any need dry cleaning or repairs, place them next to each other on the closet rod and tie them together with a twisty. Use the Reminders app to note the errand on your phone so you won’t forget to get it done.

    Tip: Check with area dry cleaners for donation programs that collect gently used outerwear for those in need. You will save time by making just one trip for cleaning and donation.

  2. Closet Management: To help get the most out of your wardrobe, consider a closet management app like Closet+. The app tracks what you’re wearing and measures your cost per wear to make sure you’re getting the most value out of clothing items.

    Tip: Place the new season’s clothing hangers facing out. After an item has been worn, put it back on a hanger and back in the closet facing the other direction so you know it’s been worn. This way, you can keep track of what you’re actually wearing, and what is just taking up closet space.

  3. Organized Outfits: After you’ve pulled out what you don’t wear, organize what remains by putting like items together. Stylebook has a great feature for building outfits. You’ll save time each day because it’s easier to choose the jacket, pants or shirt you want if the group’s selection is all in one place.
  4. All-Weather Ready: I live in a state where the average snowfall hits almost four feet per year, so my next stop is the garage. Even if you don’t expect to shovel snow, you’ll still want to make sure fall and winter equipment is accessible. Consider a weather app like the Almanac Long-Range Weather Forecast, so you can get a jump-start on switching out the summer yard tools for rakes and shovels.
  5. Pantry Inventory: By this time you’ve worked up an appetite, so it is time to turn to the pantry. While finding something to munch on, take inventory of what you have on hand. The Out of Milk app makes quick work of logging pantry contents and creating shopping lists. You can share lists and items across mobile devices, so it’s easier to divvy up meal planning and prep among family members.

    Tip: Stock the pantry with favorite comfort foods and bulky items you’ll be using the next few months now so you don’t get caught carrying multiple grocery bags of canned goods and huge pasta boxes during a rain or snow fall. 

Taking time to make these seasonal shifts gets you ready to enjoy what’s to come.

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