Tech and Apps to Amp up Your Football Experience

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but football is undoubtedly America’s game. Earlier this year professional football was named the most popular sport in America for the 30th straight year. Americans can’t get enough football, especially the NFL, and the tech world is constantly coming up with new ways for fans to enjoy the game. Thanks to a revamped NFL Mobile app – which now includes live games for customers subscribed to The MORE Everything Plan – football fans are getting as much gridiron action as they can handle.

NFL Mobile now brings games to fans’ smartphones and tablets. Fans can also customize their NFL Mobile experience, setting up alerts on favorite teams and fantasy players and also get league-wide news. The mobile app provides real-time access to programming on the NFL Network.

The following apps and technologies are great teammates for the NFL Mobile app:

  1. One reason for the NFL’s continued rise in popularity can be attributed to the increase in fantasy football participation. Often, fans are rooting for players on their fantasy team to score against their own favorite team – which seems crazy, but that’s how addicting fantasy football is. To put your best fantasy team on the “field,” use RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2014. It offers an interactive cheat sheet that adjusts based on league settings, and tracks each pick of the fantasy draft. It also offers projected standings and player outlooks for the 2014 season.
  2. In today’s world, if an event isn’t posted on social media, it’s as if it never happened. For football fans as well as fans of other sports, there’s no better social platform than lockerdome. Since its inception, the site has evolved beyond the confines of sports fandom, but it’s still an ideal digital location for sports fans to partner up with fans of the same squad and get the latest team news, air frustrations from the last game and start game planning for the next opponent.
  3. Technology also enables the entire family to enjoy the game together. Thanks to the NFL Rush Zone app, children can be engaged alongside parents and other family members in watching the game live. NFL Rush Zone features 10 interactive and football-centric games for kids, as well as the ability to challenge “rivals” (otherwise known as friends) to a game. Users can create their own digital character and track their wins and losses, and earn badges for major accomplishments. It’s a great introduction to football for younger fans.
  4. Lastly, for those Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night games that tend to go late, we’d recommend investing in a pair of quality headphones. This way, fans can enjoy the full game experience without interrupting the sleep of family members. iHip has gone so far as to release a series of earbuds with NFL logos on them. Now that’s showing team spirit. 

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