Tech Tip: Delete Unwanted Contacts From Your iPhone's 'Recent' List

It's great that the iPhone makes it easy to send a message just by starting to type in a friend, family member or colleague's name. However, you might have noticed that this system gets messy sometimes, especially if you participate in group texts. Your phone will often fill in one of these sessions or contacts instead of the person you intended to reach. If you want to save time (and also lessen your chances of texting something to a group that you meant to say to just one person), there's a solution for that: deleting your unwanted "recent" contacts.

It's a little bit tedious, but did we mention it reduces the chances of texting a large group instead of the intended contact? And it will only take a few minutes, even if you have a lot of contacts. Just act like you're about to message a contact, starting with the letter "a." When a contact comes up with an "i" next to it, that identifies it as a contact your phone thinks is recent. Click on the "i" and then click "Remove," and your phone will no longer include the session or contact in your recent messages. Now just go through the rest of the alphabet, and you're set.