Verizon Foundation Grant Awarded to Center for Youth in Rochester, N.Y.

The Verizon Foundation recently presented a $20,000 grant to The Center for Youth, Inc. in Rochester, N.Y. The grant will support an expansion of the organization’s domestic violence prevention and intervention programs. Many of the youth served by the organization have been impacted by domestic violence and commercial sexual exploitation.   

The grant will go toward the following initiatives:

  • prevention education and outreach to at-risk youth;
  • support in accessing safe and stable housing for victims of sexual exploitation and violence;
  • providing resources and referrals for victims of domestic violence and intimate partner violence;
  • targeted interventions for youth victims of domestic violence and commercial sexual exploitation; and
  • counseling and case management services.

The Verizon Foundation invests in organizations that provide education, prevention, and care for victims and empowerment resources, helping more than 54,000 non-profit organizations since 2000.