Indiana Firm Develops Award-Winning Mobile Systems for Government

Working parents have a need for information, especially when it comes to researching licensed day care facilities that are tasked with the health and welfare of their children.

Enter TCC Software Solutions, an Indiana-based software company that has simplified record keeping for inspection agencies that manage large amounts of information and data – much of which is ultimately made available for public review.

TCC is a growing firm that has multiple state agency clients and creates mobile workforce solutions for child care agencies. With a TCC implemented system, a state inspector can easily complete an on-site inspection using a tablet. An inspector can use the system to file extensive site notes so no critical detail is lost.

As those reports translate to online public registries, parents also have access to check on the quality of care provided.

TCC, a Verizon Wireless customer, has developed a customizable platform for data collection that doesn’t need an immediate Internet connection so the work flow is continuous. Once the connection is turned on, all data uploads.

Advantages for state government agencies are significant. Users collect data once and have no need to re-enter it after completing a 30-page form used in the field. Backlogs are reduced. Data entry errors are minimized  as users familiarize themselves with the system.

Once users are trained, field workers tend to find critical paperwork shortcuts that keep the work flowing smoothly and consistently – getting reports from the field online more quickly and securely.

TCC Software Solutions developed its customizable platforms for government and private sector users after combining the know-how of its founders with experience from sectors that were heavy on paperwork, including IT, insurance, manufacturing and state government.

The company is now expanding to the private sector for construction management, financial services and health care.

TCC’s customizable systems are already in place in multiple states for agencies that license child care facilities, including an award-winning platform developed for the state of Oklahoma which was recognized with a government Quality Service Award.

Working parents benefit by having access to inspection information that informs their day care choices.