Jonathan Sprinkles: Must-have Apps

TV personality, keynote speaker and author Jonathan Sprinkles recently hosted and moderated the 2014 Domestic Violence Awareness Summit: A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal. After the event, he shared his #musthaveapps.

  1. Streaks – I love this app because it is a calendar that gives me a visual tracking system for my daily or weekly activities that I want to turn into positive habits, such as exercising, writing or even calling my mom. It’s simple—it displays a big ‘X’ on days that I have completed my task and it counts number of days in my streak. It’s one thing to think you’re on target; but it’s even more motivating to see it in front of your face.
  2. Gratitude Journal – I like this app because it asks me -- at random times of the day -- what I am grateful for. It helps me keep my mind focused on the good in my life. It’s important to focus on the positive.
  3. Time Timer – This is a great productivity app. It keeps me honest to the times I set to get things done. The app displays a red circle that represents a clock dial. As time ticks away, you can see the circle get smaller. To a visual person, this is an amazing tool to help with staying focused. It’s great for finishing an assignment or inspiring you to hold that plank position a little longer at the gym.
  4. Flight View – I travel to speaking engagements weekly so I rely on this flight tracker app to give me all the information I need while on the road. It provides real-time updates on flights and even tells me the gate I’m flying from and the number of the baggage claim my bags will arrive. That’s huge!
  5. Remote – I use this to control my Apple TV from anywhere inside my house. This is especially important for me because I love music. Any time I get the urge, I can log on, pump the surround sound as loud as possible and rock out to whatever song is buzzing around in my head.

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