Leaders Gather at National Summit for a Dialogue on Domestic Violence

Hundreds of domestic violence prevention leaders from across the country will gather on the legendary Paramount Studios lot Friday, Oct. 3 for A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal – the follow up to the groundbreaking summit held in 2013.  The event is being hosted by Verizon in partnership with When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation and provides a platform for thought leaders to discuss current issues facing the domestic violence prevention community and highlight positive solutions.  

The Summit will be streamed live from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PT at bit.ly/dvsummit2014. Viewers can participate in the conversation by submitting their questions to the expert panelists and moderators through social media using the hashtag #DVSummit14.

Thought leaders joining the conversation include Robin McGraw, CEO of When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation; Dr. Phil McGraw; Christi Paul, news anchor and correspondent for CNN and HLN; Beverly Gooden, creator of the #WhyIStayed movement; Chris Johnson, Super Bowl champion and former Baltimore Ravens player and more.  The program consists of five panel conversations with topics such as trauma, direct services, public perception, technology and corporate social responsibility. 

  • Connecting the Dots: Shaping Public Perception about Domestic Violence

For too long, the headlines have been filled with stories of high-profile cases of domestic violence – sparking conversations on the news and in social media. This conversation will explore the opportunity that exists for the field to build mutually beneficial relationships with influencers that will help reshape the conversations taking place around domestic violence.  Panelists will also discuss the role influencers play in shaping public perception around key issues.

  • Inspired to Create Change: A Case Study in Corporate Social Responsibility

Verizon is committed to using the innovative power of its technology and resources to address critical social issues like domestic violence. Explored within this important conversation will be the relationship between corporations and nonprofit organizations working together to tackle the big issues facing our society.  In addition, it will highlight how Verizon leverages the passion of its employees to help end domestic violence.

  • Healing Trauma: Treating the Invisible Wounds

The more we learn about the brain, the more we learn about the devastating effects of untreated trauma.  Trauma comes in many forms and can impact people in many different ways.  This dynamic discussion will explore the impact of early life trauma, how our brains process trauma and how to best treat trauma related to domestic violence prevention, survivors and perpetrators.  

  • Connected Solutions: Keeping Pace with Technology

This conversation will take an in depth look at the dual role technology plays in domestic violence.  Explored will be the two sides of technology: how technology is being used as a tool in relationships to control and intimidate, and how technology is helping to save lives and educate with innovative apps.  Some of the best technology products and services available will be highlighted through real life testimony and case studies.

  • Inspiring Models: The Evolution of Direct Services

Over the last 40 years, the role of the direct service provider has evolved. This conversation will look at what comprehensive, direct services look like in today’s society. The conversation will also explore the role that public perception plays when providing direct services in the community. We’ll feature innovative solutions and providers will discuss what’s needed to continue to make advancements in the field.